Energy from the Elements

Our Mission

Making renewable energy production profitable for American business.



Airbine Renewable Energy Systems is focused on building and operating solar farms that make sense.   Renewable energy can be ecological and profitable.  Constructing solar farms that are appropriate for and work with the surrounding environment while producing energy in the most economical manner is the key to our success.  Using the latest advances in Thin Film Photovoltaic panels in conjunction with a cost effective Fixed, Ground Mount Racking System, we are able to maximize energy production while controling construction and maintenance expenses over the project life. 

Lenwood Solar Project

Airbine Renewable Energy Systems Lenwood Solar Project is situated on 12 acres of land within the City of Barstow, CA, and when completed, will produce 1.3 MW of green renewable energy annually.  The Barstow 
Solar farm will provide electricity to approximatly 1000 Barstow families and businesses.  Having a solar farm next door is
like having a backup generator always there
for you during power outages. 

Lennwood Solar Array Site Plan


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Each year the periodical Desktop Engineering holds a contest on "Ideas that can change the world."  Lynn Potter, President of Airbine Renewable Energy System placed third in 2009 with his innovative patent for an Aerostat Wind Turbine. 

The overall concept is to generate inexpensive and continuous electrical power via a Wind Turbine held at altitude by an aerostat (tethered blimp), possessing kite-like characteristics so the structure pivots into the wind.

Our aerostat based wind turbine design is large but much less massive than ground turbines.  Ground turbines stand into the wind like an oak tree.  Aerostat Wind Turbines are flexible and move with the wind like a palm tree.  Instead of building a 150-ton wind turbine on the ground, ours is much lighter and airborne.  Instead of the hundreds or thousands of acres a wind farm uses, this design only needs 5-10 acres for a pivoting base station.   Think of it as a “Wind Farm on a String.”

Sunset Over the Clouds


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